What's Lacan?

Lacan’s Mistake

David Stromberg | The Smart Set | 14th March 2022

Commentary upon reading the work of the controversial psychoanalyst for the first time. The reader begins to doubt the purity of the great man's motives. Lacan's ideas emerge as moons to his own sun, the world "a path that could not be traversed without him". No analysis is complete until you become, like him, an analyst, and accept that this role is the natural endpoint of the self (2,938 words)

What’s In A Black Name?

Soraya Nadia McDonald | Andscape | 1st March 2022

Name-changing is a proud tradition for Black Americans. At one time it was a security measure, making it more difficult for escaped slaves to be recaptured by their masters. Later, it became a political weapon: choosing a name that reflected African heritage or was not that of a slaver was a way of embracing freedom. Selecting a name was an "assertion of personhood" (3,396 words)

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