Wing Watch

When Animals Shed Their Wings

Richard Dawkins | Quillette | 5th May 2022

Who would not want wings? Who would not want to fly? And yet there must be a downside to wings, since some animals genetically equipped to grow them, such as worker ants, do not do so. Only the queen ant grows wings; and, having mated, she rips them off. The explanation may be that flying consumes lots of energy — energy which a body can use instead to grow bigger and stronger (1,600 words)

Mechanical Watch

Bartosz Ciechanowski | 4th May 2022

I cannot believe that this blog is new to me. Each essay is a marvellously clear and  informative account of how a particular gadget or technology works, with animations to explain the various moving parts. This latest post is an anatomy of the mechanical watch, proceeding from springs and gears via escapements and balance wheels to clicks, crowns, minute wheels and date correctors (8,000 words)

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