Winter Chess

Greenland’s Misunderstood Winter Delicacy

Mark Hay | Atlas Obscura | 7th March 2023

Kiviaq, a traditional Inuit fermented meat dish from Greenland, is made by stuffing hundreds of tiny seabirds into the carcass of a seal, sealing it with fat and burying it for months. The flavour is affected by weather and landscape — it has a terroir, just like wine. One enthusiast compares the taste to blue cheese or Parma ham, but outsiders regularly decry it as disgusting. Who is right? (2,348 words)

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Chess Is A Game Of Perfect Information

Adrienne Raphel | JStor Daily | 12th April 2023

On chess and the poetry of Charles Simic. He was a chess prodigy who planned his movements through his lines of verse like the pieces across the board. Chess is utterly open: both players have access to all the information at every point. This makes it a "handy allegory" for many aspects of life, including writing, war, love and ageing. Chaucer, T.S. Eliot and Lewis Carroll were all fond of it (1,416 words)

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