Wolves Bay

Living With Wolves

Nikki Kolb | Catapult | 3rd January 2023

Account of months spent at a remote wolf sanctuary. "On only my second day caring for him alone, he nipped me in the stomach, breaking skin. The mark was miniscule. I was nonetheless mortified. What business did I have here, a city girl who was scared of the dark, worn out by the basic terrain, unable to build a fire, and not even savvy enough to avoid the bite of an ancient wolf dog?" (3,410 words)

Strontian To Laga Bay

Jon Combe | Round The Island | 3rd January 2023

Notes from a walk along a Scottish sea loch, part of an attempt to walk the entire coast of mainland Britain. This section is on the Ardnamurchan peninsula in the western Highlands. The walker visits the village where the chemical element strontium was discovered in 1790, navigates the boundaries between public and private property, and shows great care for some uncaring ducks (2,921 words)

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