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Maria Heim | Princeton University Press | 12th September 2022

However fugitive the emotion, Sanskrit has a word for it — including a word for the feeling that there ought to be a word for a feeling that you cannot yet quite pin down. The word is anannatannassamitindriya, the “I-will-come-to-know-what-is-unknown faculty”. Surprised? Sanskrit has your back there too. Camatkara is the "smacking sound as the lips come together in surprise" (1,290 words)

Europe's Energy Catastrophe

Benjamin Hart | Intelligencer | 13th September 2022

Interview with energy analyst. Interesting throughout. "We believe that Putin would not have moved into Ukraine had natural gas not already been a crisis. The price of natural gas skyrocketed in December in Europe. He did the calculation and realised: They don’t have enough molecules. They’re surely going to come to the table and give me what I want in Ukraine. He was incorrect" (3,070 words)

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