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The Work Of The Audiobook

Alexander Manshel, Laura B. McGrath & J. D. Porter | Los Angeles Review Of Books | 16th May 2023

Audiobooks are the main growth area in publishing today. They are changing how authors write; in one recent high profile release, the writer "describes the pitch, timbre, and vocal tics of the book’s secondary cast, as if she were writing notes directly to the narrator in the booth". Yet the majority of readers are gig workers, rarely acknowledged and just paid per recorded hour (2,932 words)

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All The Arguments Against EVs Are Wrong

Noah Smith | Noahpinion | 14 May 2023

Optimistic take on the future of electric vehicles. They will come to dominate the world's transport infrastructure and this will help us save the environment. We won't run out of lithium. Better labour laws will ensure the EV industry doesn't entrench inequalities. Vehicle range is improving all the time, as is the distribution of charging stations, reducing the chances of a driver being stranded (3,257 words)

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