Writing Memory

The Evolution Of Writing

Piers Kelly | Sapiens | 19th May 2022

Vai, one of about 30 indigenous languages of Liberia, had no written form until 1833. Then, a man who had never learned to read or write dreamed that Vai's symbols were revealed to him. Once awake, he reconstructed the 200 symbols, which were quickly adopted. The subsequent modifications that came with use have greatly advanced understanding of how language develops (1,999 words)

Speaking Of Memory

Ágnes Heller | Baffler | 19th May 2022

Translated extract from Heller's 2015 book The Philosophy of Autobiographical Memory. Illuminating throughout. Heller uses personal anecdote — about revising for exams, or forgetting hotel room numbers — to elucidate types of memory and the triggers they need to function. Her subtle evocation of the frustrations and triumphs of trying to remember lost details is very recognisable (2,194 words)

It's sad that we often forget
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