Zombies and Woodrow

The Attack Of Zombie Science

Natalia Pasternak, Carlos Orsi, Aaron F. Mertz and Stuart Firestein | Nautilus | 12th January 2022

The past two years has seen a sharp increase in the amount of "zombie science" extant in the academic ecosystem, these researchers argue. This is "mindless" work that "goes through the motions of scientific research without a real research question to answer, it follows all the correct methodology, but it doesn’t aspire to contribute to advance knowledge in the field". It must be destroyed (1,963 words)

Podcast: Two Old Ghosts | Edith!. Courtly satire centred on Edith Wilson, who covertly performed some of her husband Woodrow Wilson's presidential duties to conceal the extent of his illness from the American people (32m 35s)

Five Books: The best books on Future Cities. Understanding the way we interact with our built environment is becoming an increasingly data-driven enterprise. Davina Jackson shares the five books that best explain the technology behind the urban planning of the future.


Saving at-risk customers with Flatfile. During onboarding, Inkit's customers imported spreadsheets which often had formatting and encoding issues.

“After adding Flatfile, our customers stopped sending in tickets for help. Our product is 10x better with Flatfile.” CEO, Inkit.

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Browser Readings: During Wind And Rain, by Thomas Hardy.

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