Welcome to Friends of the Browser! For more than ten years, The Browser has been the internet's favourite daily recommendation newsletter, sending you the five best articles from the web every day.

We're now delighted to offer a special Friends of the Browser package, chock full of bonus elements to make your Browser membership that much more delightful.

Membership Questions

What do I get as a Friend of the Browser?

• a piece of Browser merch (such as our famous Blue Willow Giraffe Mug)
• a one-year gift subscription to give to a friend or family member
• an exclusive weekly letter from our editor
• access to the Browser Recommendations online community
• plus of course our daily recommendation newsletter, bringing you five recommendations every day for the best articles on the web

Members of the Order of Cecily get all of the above, plus:
• our endless gratitude and appreciation for supporting indepedent publishing
• exclusive online salons with Browser editors Robert and Caroline

What if I'm an existing Browser member?

We're very glad you want to upgrade! You can do so anytime in your account settings at https://thebrowser.com/account

Your new subscription will be pro-rated to account for the time remaining on your existing Browser membership. (You'll always be able to switch back to a traditional membership in the accounts interface too)

I am not yet a Browser member, can I join Friends of the Browser?

Absolutely! Just select the Friends of the Browser tier when you sign up at https://thebrowser.com/#/portal/signup

What if I want to cancel?

No problem, cancel anytime! Just go to https://thebrowser.com/account, and of course get in touch with us by email if you have any trouble.

Will my Friends of the Browser subscription renew?

Yes, by default the subscription will renew each year – if you'd like to be a Friend for one year only just go to https://thebrowser.com/account and select "cancel", your subscription will remain valid until the end of your current paid period.


When will my merchandise arrive?

Unfortunately with the current global shipping situation: we don't know, but realistically please expect to wait several months for your merchandise.

If you are living in a country we are unable to ship merchandise to we will get in touch by email and find alternative arrangements.

Gift Subscriptions

How do I give my free gift subscription?

When you join Friends of the Browser you will be sent an easy online form which you can fill in to gift a one-year subscription to a friend or family member.

Weekly Editor's Letter

How do I access the weekly Editor's Letter?

Friends of the Browser will receive this weekly column as a special email, and will also be able to access it on the website at https://thebrowser.com/robertwrites/

Recommendations Community

How do I log in to the recommendations community?

When you join Friends of the Browser you will receive an email with login information for the community. The community is hosted on a platform called Discord, but you do not need an existing Discord membership to join.

What happens in the recommendations community?

The recommendations community is a place for Browser readers to share recommendations with each other, be they podcasts, books, technologies or anything else. You can also make requests for recommendations and receive suggestions from other smart, knowledgable Browser readers.

Any other questions? Email support@thebrowser.com and we'll get things sorted out

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