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Why Is Gen Z Humor So Weird?

Mister Sweet | YouTube | 19th August 2020

Dissecting the frog of Gen Z internet humor. What could be funny about "me and the boys at 2am looking for beans"? "The image itself being frightening adds a sense of edginess, while the poor quality creates a sense of rebellion against the standards of modern humor." A sense of alienation feeds our fascination with disturbing images—and then they become jokes (10m 43s)

Viktor On The Moon

Emily Nicoline Quist | Vimeo | 28th September 2021

An awkward, overweight man named Viktor, on his first date ever, sits down at the wrong table and meets an older married lady named Rebekka. Tired of her stale marriage, she starts a conversation. Love blossoms, of course, but in weird and unexpected ways. The cinematography reminds you why black-and-white was popular in the first place. (Warning: nudity) (28m 06s)

The Mystery Of The "Same Sky" Postcards

Vox | YouTube | 6th October 2021

An obsessive collector notices something odd—the skies in his postcards are all the same. After a little investigation, the answer comes out: Dexter Press (the company behind the cards) offered to retouch photos, so any customer unhappy with the blue sky in their image would get the same stock cloud pattern pasted over it. After all, most people would never notice a detail like that (9m 01s)

Feeling Like A Bad Person On A Desert Island

Jack McCafferty | YouTube | 1st October 2021

Satirical animated short: marooned on a desert island, a fellow named Cory wallows in self-loathing ("I stepped on so many bugs; I could have given out better candy at Halloween; I forgot to say "thank you" to so many bus-drivers") but encounters with pirates, talking fish, and the Bermuda Triangle help lift his spirits. The geometrical style of animation is imaginative and totally new (9m 14s)

Browser Video Of The Week: Chris Williamson

Baiqu sits down with Chris Williamson, host of the Modern Wisdom podcast to discuss finding meaning in life, figuring out masculinity as a working-class northern man, having an existential crisis on Love Island, and cooling mattress pads (33m 15s)

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