Money, Mirror, Miyazaki, Men, Fire

Money Is The One True God

Lachlan Turczan | Vimeo | 15th August 2021

High-resolution scans of banknotes from all around the world to create an intricate, mesmerizing montage. Culminates with a rapid-fire barrage of hundreds of world leaders staring at you, as if in concert. Mass murderers are pictured next to freedom fighters; in a way, all of human life and history can be understood just by taking a look at our money (6m 56s)

Through Agnes Varda's Looking Glass

Nerdwriter | YouTube | 31st August 2021

Breaking down Cléo from 5 to 7, Agnes Varda's real-time chronicle of a woman waiting for the results of a cancer test. Mirrors are a leitmotif, at first allowing Cleo to take comfort in vanity—eventually, though, she realizes they are a distraction. "From here on out, Cléo will observe the world as it is, not as a reflection of people's expectations of her" (9m 05s)

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What did GPT-3 think of the new book System Error: Where Big Tech Went Wrong and How We Can Reboot"? Can you tell the difference between machine intelligence and actual human reviews? Take the 3 minute Turing test and learn more about System Error.

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Democratized Creativity: A.I. Art And Its Implications

Maxwell Nichols | YouTube | 8th September 2021

Snappily edited prophecy of how A.I. will affect art in the near future: aspiring filmmakers creating Miyazaki-level animations from their basement, indistinguishable deep fakes of classic artists and musicians. "Intimate human-only work will still have a place, but it'll be just a sign of nostalgia." Quick but thought-provoking (5m 19s)

Trade Center

Adam Baran | Vimeo | 7th September 2021

Over hauntingly placid images of the Freedom Tower in New York, gay men explain what the previous building was once secretly used for. "Everybody wanted to be with the Wall Street men, because they had so much money. That's why one of the biggest cruising areas was the 12th floor of the World Trade Center."  Warning: explicit discussions of sex (8m 36s)

Browser Video Of The Week: Steve R. Waldman

Steve Randy Waldman writes about finance, economics, and politics at He discusses wading the river of intellectual life, the dynamics of Capitalism and its impact on the evolution of the blogosphere (24m 15s)

Ancient Video Of The Week

One of the first narrative films–the 1903 depiction of a fireman in the line of duty

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