Guest Newsletter: Five Books

My new book, A Body Made of Glass: A History of Hypochondria, comes out next week. Combining personal memoir, literary criticism and medical history, it tells the story of a much-misunderstood condition from the earliest days of human history, via medieval melancholy and Enlightenment quackery, to the internet-adjacent anxiety of today. Order a copy through your favourite bookseller here, or get in touch if you’d like to speak with me on the topic for a publication. -Caroline Crampton, Editor of The Browser

Five Books features in-depth author interviews recommending five books on a theme. You can read more interviews on the site, or sign up for the newsletter.

Best 21st-Century German Novels

There's always been a fondness in the English-speaking world for novels about German history, but recently the books being translated into English have become much more diverse and interesting, says award-winning translator and publisher Katy Derbyshire. She introduces us to some her favourite German novels from recent years, taking us beyond Germany to Bosnia, Donbas and even Ghana. Read more

Best Books On Modern Indian History

Whether we're thinking about democracy versus authoritarianism, corruption versus good governance, or rich versus poor, there is a lot we can learn from India's recent history, says Dinyar Patel, a historian at SPJIMR in Mumbai. He talks us through some good books on the modern history of a country that has long been the world's largest democracy and is now its most populous country. Read more

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