Hangman, Robbers, Hasidic, Climate, Nowadays

Hangman Is A Weird Game

Jan Misali | YouTube | 23rd April 2020

Game theory analysis of the ubiquitous and (oddly) gruesome children's game – "an important part of the word-guessing-game genre." The perfect strategy to win, as it turns out, is more complicated than just guessing the most common letters. Also included are methods of cheating and an account of why the game is so strange from a game design standpoint. The kind of over-analysis that only comes from months of quarantine (19m29s)

The Movie That Changed Movies

Now You See It | YouTube | 30th April 2020

"One could argue that we can separate Hollywood into two eras: the era before Bonnie and Clyde and the era after Bonnie and Clyde." The film, about two lovers robbing their way through Great Depression America, burst onto the scene in 1967, stealing editing techniques from the French New Wave and merging sex, humor and brutality in a way that would set the tone for the next cinematic decade (11m3s)

A Jew Walks Into A Bar

Jonathan Miller | Vimeo | 22nd January 2020

Brooklyn Hasidic Jew David Finkelstein ventures into the world of New York standup comedy. His neuroses and cultural quirks actually feed his comedic prowess, making him a success, but his ties to the religious community keep him from going full-time. For example, he can't perform Fridays or Saturdays (Shabbat), the two biggest days of the week for live comedy. Strong candidate for best doc short of the year (24m25s)

Climate Policy - The Complete Moderate's Guide

Knowing Better | Youtube | 28th April 2020

Measured rundown of the history of climate policy and what America's current options are. Concisely explains plans like the Kyoto Protocol, the Paris Accords, and the Green New Deal, dispels some myths surrounding them, and ends with a strong argument for the expansion of nuclear power (25m13s)

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