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Every Bridge For Every Situation, Explained By an Engineer

Wired | YouTube | 18th November 2020

Professional bridge-builder analyzes various bridges from around the globe. For example, the Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge, which is ideal for its earthquake-heavy environment, because its fluid draped-cable structure allows for motion when the ground is shaking. Its peaks ("piers") resist the forces that are being applied by these cables. Illuminating throughout (24m 09s)

The Appeal Of Being Typecast By Hollywood

The New Yorker | YouTube | 11th November 2020

Beautiful profile of Mark Metcalf, an actor who's been typecast as the "authority figure" because he's tall, white and has a deep voice, appearing in Animal House, Seinfeld, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and (much) more. "They'd ask me to do it, and I'd go back and do it. The money was nice. The women were nice...and the money was nice. And the appreciation was nice" (16m 05s)

(More) Cultural Appropriation Foods

J.J. McCullough | YouTube | 14th November 2020

"Almost all of the truly good things to eat in this world are a product of cultural appropriation in some way." Take two iconic Japanese foods, ramen noodles and gyoza dumplings – "ramen is just a version of a Chinese soup with cold noodles, which the Chinese call La-Mein," and gyoza are a "Japanese knockoff of what the Chinese call Jiaozi." Makes you rethink preconceived cultural notions (10m 55s)

When Sweden Switched To Driving On The Right

Little Car | YouTube | 17th November 2020

The "largest logistical event in Sweden's history" was Dagen H, or "R Day," Sweden's 1967 switch to driving on the right side of the road. "Swedish TV held a contest for songs promoting the change, and the winning entry (that became a popular hit) was a song called 'Keep to the Right Svensson.' " Interestingly, "fatal car accidents dropped sharply as a result" (6m 53s)

Haunting Video Of The Week

An ethereal performance in Beirut's abandoned Grand Theater  

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