Ice, Pig, Devil, Edit, Form

How People Kept Stuff Cold Before Refrigerators

Adam Ragusea | YouTube | 20th July 2020

Summer ice in the days before refrigeration was "a substance precious as gold and far more ephemeral." The ancient Persians built Yakhchāls, or conical ice houses, to store their desert ice. In the 19th century, with the growth of the international ice trade, iceboxes became ubiquitous in American households. Fun ice fact: sawdust is its best insulation material (13m32s)

Change Return

R Findlay | Vimeo | 14th July 2020

Fantastic sci-fi short. In an underground, dystopic world where every service is provided through floating vending machines, a poor fisherman tries to scam his way into a meal. Manages to tell a canny story about the dangers of commodification in just over 5 minutes, without a word of dialogue (5m13s)

The Devil And Tom Walker

Austin McConnell | YouTube | 3oth June 2020

A reading of the Washington Irving story, which follows a miser who sells his soul to the devil in 1727. "While one would presume meeting such a singular personage in that wild and lonely place would shake any man's nerves...the only devil that scared Tom was the one he went home to every evening." Accompanied by eery, minimalist animated tableaus (24m20s)

Why Continuity Errors In Movies Don't Matter

Arttective | YouTube | 19th July 2020

How should film editors approach their work? Possible answers: respect the space of the scene, don't violate the 180-degree rule, they shouldn't break eye trace, they should maintain a consistent rhythm. But perhaps a more impressionistic editor's code is needed – "telling a story is all about emotion, and sometimes it can mean breaking visual continuity" (13m0s)

Graceful Video Of The Week

A walking CGI figure shape-shifts into dozens of different materials

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