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Communication Problems

Aaron Alon | YouTube | 18th February 2022

Under the guise of a couples therapy session, 70 idioms from 28 foreign languages are translated verbatim into American English. "You're one to talk!" becomes the Japanese "A dog with feces scolds a dog with husks of grain!" The husband is angry that his wife goes to bed with the hens and gets up with the cocks, but in her defense, she just wants to stay up late and have a fat morning (5m 24s)

A Park Chan-Wook Film Shot On iPhone 13 Pro

Apple | YouTube | 17th February 2022

Korean arthouse master Park Chan-Wook (of Oldboy fame) creates a short film with an iPhone. Given how many genres are covered in 20 minutes—supernatural horror, wuxia, musical, romance, and absurdist comedy—it is not easy to describe the plot. Suffice it to say that many ghosts are involved. The real draw is the eye-catching shallow-field cinematography (21m 31s)

Anatoli Bugorski - Shot In The Head With A Proton Beam

Peaked Interest | YouTube | 23rd February 2022

In 1978, a Soviet physicist stuck his head into a particle accelerator without realizing it was turned on. "At that moment, billions of invisible protons were searing through his skull at the speed of light." Somehow, despite experiencing more radiation than anyone has ever experienced in human history, he survived. As it turns out, he was actually saved by the speed of the particles (16m 49s)

Why Do Americans Like Presidents So Much?

J.J. McCullough | YouTube | 19th February 2022

The revered cultural role of American president may have originated as a "watered-down version" of British colonial governors. They inspired a lot of presidential traditions, like " having the president live in a stately mansion where he could host banquets and balls, having him hand out medals and ribbons, and having him serve the pseudo-military role of commander-in-chief" (12m 40s)

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Short film - a very profane, oddly heartwarming street quarrel between two strangers

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