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Why Are So Many Americans In Prison?

John Pfaff & Leon Neyfakh | Slate | 6th February 2015

Mass incarceration in the U.S. is due to aggressive district attorneys. From 1994 to 2008, "the probability that a district attorney files a felony charge against an arrestee goes from about 1 in 3, to 2 in 3." Other common theories are not supported by evidence: arrests actually decreased, harsh sentencing laws had little effect on actual sentences, and only a small share of incarcerations were primarily drug related (1,810 words)

Evangelicals Won’t Cave On Sexuality

Russell D. Moore | First Things | 1st October 2015

Clear argument that there is "[no] "sea change" among Evangelicals in support of same-sex marriage," and a useful primer for outsiders about beliefs and distinctions within Evangelicalism. "Some will suggest that a Christian sexual ethic puts the churches on the “wrong side of history.” Well, we’ve been on the wrong side of history since a.d. 33.... [Jesus stands] on the wrong side of history but at the right hand of the Father" (4,340 words)

The Long, Dangerous March South Asian Migrants Make Through South America to Get to the US

Arthur Holland Michel | Vice | 18th September 2015

To reach the U.S., 17-year-old Sujon Alom (from rural Bangladesh) underwent a “remarkable and often hellish overland odyssey” through 11 countries by road and foot over a period of 14 weeks. He travelled 4000 miles without seeing a bed. Alom's story is far from unique; 2015 has seen “2,988 apprehensions of Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, and Nepalis” at the U.S. border. Many others don't make it due to danger and extortion (2,700 words)

Life Of A Professional Guinea Pig

Cari Romm | Atlantic | 23rd September 2015

Insight into “professional guinea pigs,” who earn their livings (up to $40,000 a year) exclusively from being part of clinical trials. “If there’s enough money, you’ll throw your standards out the window for it.” The less regulated the trial, the higher the pay; Phase I safety trials are the least regulated. Guinea pigs often collaborate and learn to manipulate the trial system. Institutional Review Boards are fatally flawed (3,250 words)

A New Front: Can The Pentagon Do Business With Silicon Valley?

E.B. Boyd | California Sunday Magazine | 21st September 2015

Necessity is the mother of invention. As costs of innovation plummet, allowing China and others to develop new tools speedily, the U.S. Department of Defence has turned to Silicon Valley tech entrepreneurs to maintain its mojo. Can lean, agile startup methodology be imposed on the clunky, costly processes typical of Pentagon projects? An uneasy alliance of ex-military veterans and tech entrepreneurs enter is trying to find out (4,150 words)

Video of the day: This American Life Videos 4 U: Tattoos

What to expect: A woman makes a video to reveal her tattoos to her religious parents. Created by Bianca Giaever & This American Life. (5'15")

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