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How Do You Live With Yourself After Killing Another Man?

BBC Archive | Twitter | 3rd November 2018

A German WW2 veteran candidly recounts one harrowing experience and its devastating effects. "I had in front of me the dead French soldier. How would I have liked for him to raise his hand! I would have shaken his hand and we would have been the best of friends...I woke up at night sometimes drenched in sweat, because I saw the eyes of the enemy" (5m 15s)

Dave Chappelle: More Than A Comedian

Now You See It | YouTube | 27th October 2020

On the mythic career of Dave Chappelle, who walked away from Chappelle's Show (what he called a "perfect storm of bullshit") at its peak, traveling to South Africa for a lengthy, rejuvenating period out of the media spotlight...only to return triumphantly in 2017 with four standup specials. "He lives in this limbo between jokes and sincerity, and he can effortlessly move between them" (23m 58s)

The Greatest Briton?

Steve Roberts | Vimeo | 3rd September 2018

Irreverent, visually creative stop-motion biography of Churchill, with emphasis on his lesser-known misdeeds. He called women's suffrage a "ridiculous movement" and supported "the sterilization of the feeble-minded." To revive his career after the Gallipoli disaster, he served in WW1 while still a member of parliament, spending "most of his time as far away from the action as possible"  (5m 00s)

The 1980s Dream of a Free and Borderless Virtual World

ReasonTV | YouTube | 7th October 2020

Part one of a series on "cypherpunks," activists who advocated in the 1980s for internet cryptography as a means of "decentralizing society," and combatting what they saw as the slow creep of a computer-based Orwellian state. These techno-libertarians argued that "if you don't physically meet the person, if you don't even know what continent they're on, you can't coerce them" (11m 26s)

Creepy Video Of The Week

Dark, intricate animated short – think Kafka by way of Edward Gorey

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