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Lightbulbs: The Path Toward Illumination Perfect

KnowledgeHub | YouTube | 18th April 2021

Illuminating lightbulb lecture for the layman, including the pros and cons of each type. "All lightbulbs technically flicker at 120 times a second, but it's nearly impossible to notice unless the bulb is going bad. In an incandescent, it's not as noticeable because that thing is still hot," whereas in a fluorescent, "the arcs just keep on shooting," producing that nauseating flicker (16m 37s)


Joseph Bennett | Vimeo | 22nd August 2016

Wordless animated short: two stranded astronauts explore the flora and fauna of a bizarre alien planet. Hugely creative depiction of what an alien ecosystem might actually look like—the creature designs are simultaneously wondrous and disgusting, perhaps inspired by Miyazaki's Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind—that slowly builds to a shocking conclusion (7m 57s)

How Live TV Works

Wendover Productions | YouTube | 20th April 2021

How do you film a sports-car race live? There is no easy answer, because it has to be directed and edited as it's happening. "The executive director must choose what's relevant to show at any given moment, whether it's the race leaders, or a pit stop, or a spin-out by a driver towards the back," building a narrative (underdog, clash of the titans, etc) in real time (14m 34s)

What Will A Titanic 9/11 Film Look Like?

American September | YouTube | 21st April 2021

Weird, morbidly humorous prediction for how a future Hollywood film will look. Rose is a "young businesswoman rising in the NYC financial game." Jack is a "probie firefighter who tends to only associate with Port Authority or other firefighters." Rose "goes to the North Tower Observation deck to consider jumping, and he stops her, saying she could accidentally crush someone below" (6m 45s)

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Highlight reel of silent film star Harold Lloyd's death-defying stunts

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Stephen Dubner on the most memorable, enjoyable and jaw-dropping episodes of his Freakonomics Radio show (4m 23s)

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