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The Sublime And The Ridiculous: Guildhall and The Barbican

A ghost tour of buildings ancient and modern in the north side of the City. From Guildhall and the Barbican, we explore City architecture from before Great Fire in 1666, the (not always successful) search for the sublime after the Blitz, and the remains of buildings not quite lost...

Next date: TBA

Sir Christopher Wren's Churches and The Great Fire of London

From Monument to St Pauls, we follow the Great Fire of London and Sir Christopher Wren, the two forces of nature that reshaped the City forever in 1666 and afterwards. We also trace how the Victorians demolished their way to a new and improved City layout.

Next date: TBA

Samuel Johnson's London

In the footsteps of Dr Johnson, the writer and lexicographer and great London figure, including a visit to the attic where he wrote his Dictionary and where, two hundred years later, fire watchers sat during the Blitz and played a string quartet.

Next date: TBA

Aldgate Amble

An amble around Aldgate, looking at everything from a rare sixteenth century church to London's smallest sculpture, and ending in a pub that Chaucer (supposedly) stayed in. We'll also saunter through Leadenhall Market and past the famous Lloyd's building.

Next date: TBA

Bespoke Tours

We can also offer bespoke tours for small groups – email with your dates and interests and we'll be in touch.


Just some of the lovely feedback we've received from participants on the tour....

I really enjoyed the ramble around the City and the Christopher Wren churches – lots of interesting things I didn’t know about before. It’s funny how you can live in a famous city most of your life and not take any notice of so much of it. This is a great way to discover more about what’s on our doorstep. I would definitely do another one.

-  Sue

A great event, with a knowledgeable, entertaining guide. Anecdotes regarding architecture, restorations, additions and general history of the buildings were particularly interesting.  

- Lachlan

I could have walked all day listening to Henry’s rich and textured history of the Great Fire of London - whilst exploring key architectural spots along the way. This is a part of London I have walked many times, but it took Henry to bring it to life. You have unleashed a thirst for more vivid histories and I look forward to joining you again soon.

- Jenny

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