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All The Lies You Need To Love

Amie Borrodale | Work In Progress | 12th February 2015

Philosopher Clancy Martin talks about his latest book, Love And Lies, in which he argues that love "requires lying"; if you cheat on your spouse, don't rush to admit it; that may only make things worse. Clancy's interviewer has a particular interest in knowing whether he follows his own advice: "I am his third wife and he’s my first husband, and that’s part of what’s scary, of course. Did I marry a pathological liar?" (1,730 words)

Typeface Mechanics: 001

Tobias Frere-Jones | 11th February 2015

First in a promised series on typeface design that has the makings of a masterclass. Cut out and keep. This post explains "overshoot" — the adjustments which designers make to the heights of letters, to compensate for the oddities of human perception. "The O is made taller and deeper than the H, even if the most stringent mathematical reasoning would declare it incorrect. But we read with our eyes, not with rulers" (925 words)

How The New York Times Works

How to make a newspaper in 2015. A voyage through the Grey Lady — editorial, tech, business, production. The digital side is a work in progress: "We're glueing the hamsters and the shoestrings together". In ten years you might read the Times on your bathroom mirror, but for now the printing presses still thunder through the night, eating rolls of newsprint "large enough to serve as the business end of a steamroller" (6,200 words)

I Am Ukranian

Peter Pomerantsev | London Review Of Books | 10th February 2015

Reflections on the revolution in Kiev, and on the recent wave of films, plays and books depicting it, mostly in idealistic terms: "Instead of a political process, revolution becomes the expression of an eternal conflict between freedom and fear". The exception is Andrei Kurkov's Ukraine Diaries, in which the revolution is a necessary evil: "We would like to turn over this page of history as quickly as possible" (3,520 words)

Video of the day: Faces Of Iceland

What to expect: Aerial footage of Iceland; some post-production to balance colours (4'49")

Thought for the day

When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses before zebras
Harley Smith

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