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The History Of The Seattle Mariners

John Bois | YouTube | 24th September 2020

A nearly four-hour (yes, you read that right!) history of Seattle's "eminently lovable, profoundly human, and outrageously weird" baseball team, considered to be not only the greatest video essay of 2020, but possibly the greatest film (yes, you read that right too!). As the dizzying wealth of data accumulates, this behemoth becomes surprisingly moving, even for the non sports fan (3h 40m 06s)

The Greatest Title Sequence I've Ever Seen

Tom Scott | YouTube | 21st December 2020

Fond memories of "It'll Be Alright on the Night," an iconic British clip-show of TV outtakes, and particularly its famous 9th edition title sequence, a miraculous 20 seconds of visual trickery. "Look – someone masked out the leaves on that plant, frame by frame, and someone's off camera making them move and react so it seems like the laser is physically there" (17m 58s)

Antikythera Mechanism - Evidence Of A Lunar Calendar

Clickspring | YouTube | 12th December 2020

The "antikythera mechanism" – an ancient Greek hand-powered orrery – is reconstructed, prompting an investigation into whether or not the calendar ring represents a lunar calendar. "An Egyptian civil calendar has seemed a logical interpretation since the mechanism was first salvaged from the Antikythera coastline," but new evidence casts this theory into doubt (10m 43s)

'Twas The Nightshift Before COVIDmas

Medlife Crisis | YouTube | 22nd December 2020

COVID-themed lullaby, shot in a hospital car park by a medical worker after his emergency shift. "Online parties, quizzes, karaoke Miley Cyrus / A fate considerably worse than the actual coronavirus / A sound on the rooftop! Eight reindeer and sledder / A vision in red, the world's greatest superspreader..." A charming sendoff for a strange year (2m 32s)

Mind-Blowing Video Of The Week

Staggering timelapse of organisms drying out in super closeup

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