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How To Read Mathematics

Fernando Gouvea & Shai Simonson | VCU | 13th December 2017

“Mathematical ideas are by nature well defined, so that a precise description is possible in a very short space. Both a mathematics article and a novel are telling a story and developing complex ideas, but a math article does the job with a tiny fraction of the words and symbols of those used in a novel. A half hour of concentration in a novel might net the average reader 20-60 pages with full comprehension. The same half hour in a math article buys you 0-10 lines” (5,007 words)

The Touch Of Madness

David Dobbs | Pacific Standard | 3rd October 2017

An episode of psychosis in grad school helps a psychologist to understand madness. “Words started to look strange. She began experiencing ‘inarticulable atmospheric changes’ — alterations of temporality, spatiality, depth perception, kinesthetics. Shimmerings in reality’s fabric. Sidewalks would feel soft and porous. Audio and visual input would fall out of sync, creating a lag between the movement of a speaker’s lips and the words’ arrival at Jones’ ears. Something was off“ (11,200 words)

Losing Philip

Mimi O'Donnell | Vogue | 13th December 2017

A widow’s memories of loving, living with, and losing the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. Some marvellous moments. “When Phil started using, Freedom Tower was almost finished. I remember walking along the Hudson looking at it, and realizing that our whole relationship spanned the fall of the twin towers on 9/11 to the rise of the new tower in its place. I thought: I’ll make a decision once the building is finished. I felt like I was drowning, and it gave me something to hold on to” (3,800 words)

The Party Starters

Jen Doll | Topic | 12th December 2017

Conversations with Bar Mitzvah motivators — an established profession — about how to keep the party fizzing. At a big-budget celebration six or eight motivators will be working the floor. The job-description calls for “a hype man, a dancer, a balloon animal-maker, a distributor of neon hats and glow sticks, a wrangler of both kids and adults on the dance floor”. Usually it goes well. And when it doesn’t: “In a crisis, play Don’t Stop Believin’, the greatest mitzvah song of all time” (7,400 words)

Two Hours With A Mobile Video Genius

Tom Whitwell | Fluxx | 20th April 2017

Top tips from photographer Christian Payne about filming interviews on a mobile phone. Among them: “Keep the camera and your eyes slightly higher than the speaker. Filming from above is more flattering, and they’ll look more alert and engaged if they’re looking slightly upwards.” “Record 20 seconds or more of room noise. This is useful for editing behind title slides or for noise reduction”. “Try to keep vertical lines vertical. It’s not always possible, but makes a shot feel more comfortable” (1,600 words)

Video of the day Slaughterbots

What to expect:

Fiction — at least for the time being. Short film dramatising the potential use of intelligent drones &7’47”)

Thought for the day

The most important thing a man has to tell you is what he’s trying not to say
Lyndon Johnson

Podcast of the day The Pirate’s Story | Cargoland

PG-13 for language. Veteran docker John Ostoich talks about life on the San Pedro waterfront

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