Newsletter 10

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[2]Mubarak’s Last Breath
Adam Shatz | LRB | 20 May 2010
Admirable long despatch from Egypt. Mubarak's rule erodes legitimacy of
state, feeds popular Islamic fervour. Air of Shah's last days—with US again
backing failed ruler
[3]Implications Of Cheonan Incident
Ruediger Frank | 38 North | 20 May 2010
Who ordered North Korean strike on South Korean ship? Probably not Kim
Jong-Il. Could signal power struggle in Pyongyang. Real danger of war. Other
theories advanced in comment thread
[4]What Is Going On In Thailand?
Joshua Kurlantzick | Foreign Policy | 19 May 2010
If you just noticed Bangkok is burning, and want to catch up on the rest of
the story, here's an explanation of Thailand's decline in past decade from
functioning democracy to near-civil-war
[5]We, Robot
P.W. Singer | Slate | 19 May 2010
US has thousands of drones, unmanned land vehicles, fighting what amounts to
robot war in South Asia. High time to develop legal apparatus, military
doctrine for controlling their use
[6]Danger Of Imposing Values
Winston Smith | 9 May 2010
"I've seen enough used condoms and soiled clothing to do me a lifetime,
thank you very much". Social worker (and prize-winning blogger) argues for
dealing more strictly with young people in care
[7]Q&A With BP's Tony Hayward
Christopher Helman | Globe & Mail | 19 May 2010
Revealing, informative. Softball questioning draws out BP boss, who seems to
have no grasp of public anger over Deepwater. Compares self to Churchill.
Laughs more than he should
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