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Writing Worth Reading

* [2]Could Liverpool Do A Leeds?
   David Conn | FourFourTwo | 24 September 2010
   Financial chicanery, a trail of debt, broken dreams. Magisterial,
   damning account of the decisions that have taken Liverpool football club
   to its current precarious position
 * [3]Tales Of Freddy Maertens
   FMK | Podium Cafe | 24 September 2010
   Bike-racing anecdotes from the 1970s, when races were routinely fixed
   and cyclists experimented with all manner of performance enhancers.
   Maertens favoured champagne mixed with fructose and caffeine
 * [4]Lennon At 70
   David Kamp | Vanity Fair | 24 September 2010
   What if he'd survived the shooting? In this imaginary interview, he's
   doing just fine—reforming the Plastic Ono Band for a 40th anniversary
   performance, despite turbulent divorce from Yoko in 1983
 * [5]Sinister Influence Of Left Hand
   Anatoly Liberman | OUP Blog | 24 September 2010
   Essay on etymological aspects of left- and right-handedness.
   Indo-European languages have many more words for left-handedness, most
   of them connoting weakness, wrongness, or an association with the north
 * [6]Touch And Go
   Basharat Peer | Open | 24 September 2010
   Report from Indian Kashmir. Brutal police clampdown feeds rebellion.
   Suffocating curfew. More than 100 killed in past three months, including
   eight-year old boy beaten to death for carrying a cricket bat
 * [7]After "Born To Run"
   Keith Cameron | Guardian | 23 September 2010
   "People thought we were gone, finished." Bruce Springsteen on turning
   away from the urban romance and glamour of his breakthrough album, and
   the downbeat social realism that's marked his work since
 * [8]The Divine Sarah
   Graham Robb | NYRB | 24 September 2010
   More superb writing from latest NYRB. Unexpurgated life of Sarah
   Bernhardt. Sold shares in herself to lovers to finance her acting
   career. Was presented with a carload of guano while touring Peru
 * [9]In The Life Of "The Wire"
   Lorrie Moore | NYRB | 24 September 2010
   Outstanding critical appreciation. Cumulative effect more like that of a
   novel than of a TV series. Scriptwriting has been rightly and highly
   praised, but acting makes an equal contribution to overall triumph

* [10]The Pirates Are Winning
   Jeffrey Gettleman | NYRB | 24 September 2010
   Great colour piece, even by Gettleman's exalted standards. Pirate
   economy so big, entrenched, popular, that it would have captured the
   state, if only there were a state in Somalia to be captured
 * [11]It's A Them And Us Situation
   Stephen Moss | Guardian | 24 September 2010
   What will the Ryder Cup do for Newport? Lovely combination of gentle
   humour, sense of social justice as writer revisits housing estate where
   he grew up, now overlooked by luxury golfing resort
 * [12]Getting Made The Scorsese Way
   Nicholas Pileggi et al | GQ | 21 September 2010
   Making of modern-classic mob movie, "Goodfellas", retold through
   intercut interviews with cast and crew, including writer Nick Pileggi,
   director Martin Scorsese. And actor John Malkovich, who turned down a
 * [13]Higher Spleen
   Leon Wieseltier | New Republic | 22 September 2010
   Literary editor defends negative review of Jonathan Franzen's
   "Freedom"—and negative reviews in general, where there is something
   worth arguing about. "Disturbance of the peace" is the critic's vocation
 * [14]
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