Newsletter 112

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Writing Worth Reading

* [2]What Will Future Generations Condemn?
   Kwame Anthony Appiah | WP | 26 September 2010
   Looking back at slavery, lynch mobs, we can say: "What were people
   thinking?" Future generations will ask same question about present-day
   prisons, industrial meat production, environmental destruction
 * [3]Strange Prices At Johnny Rocket's
   Tyler Cowen | Marginal Revolution | 26 September 2010
   A question prompting a string of comments rather than a piece in its own
   right, but diverting all the same. Why (bar error) might a menu say: two
   pancakes $4.99, three pancakes $4.99?
 * [4]New England's Hidden History
   Francie Latour | Boston Globe | 26 September 2010
   Slavery happened in the South and ended thanks to the North. Right?
   Wrong, say historians who've been unearthing some uncomfortable evidence
   about places many associate with freedom
 * [5]Art Is Childish And Childlike
   Elizabeth Day | Observer | 26 September 2010
   Q&A with Damien Hirst. Gruff generalisations about art, religion, life,
   death, which straddle the divide between idiot and savant. Your call.
   Either way, some helpful insights into Hirst's aesthetic
 * [6]Gideon Levy, Most Hated Man In Israel
   Johann Hari | Independent | 24 September 2010
   Profile of Haaretz journalist, admired overseas, much reviled at home.
   "Nearly every week for three decades, he has travelled to the Occupied
   Territories, described what he saw, plainly and without propaganda"
 * [7]You May Now Turn Over Your Papers
   Mary Beard et al | Guardian | 25 September 2010
   Set four writers a fiendish exam question, give them an hour to answer.
   Result: four sparkling mini-essays. Geoff Dyer on face transplants and
   Will Self on sport particularly enjoyable
 * [8]To Ed Miliband
   Andrew Rawnsley | Observer | 26 September 2010
   "You thought fighting your brother for the leadership was tough. That
   was the easy bit." Pre-eminent commentator on Westminster affairs
   assesses challenge facing new head of the Labour party
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George Steinbrenner, Claude Levi-Strauss, Dash Snow, Alan King-Hamilton,
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[10]Today on FiveBooks: Millennium Development Goals

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