Newsletter 113

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Writing Worth Reading

* [2]A Worlds Tale: Stephen Roche
      FMK | Podium Cafe | 27 September 2010
      Gripping account of Irish cyclist's victory in World Championship road
      race of 1987. Build-up included clashes with British riders, uniting
      Irish team. Race itself took place in downpour, team tactics crucial
    * [3]Nuevo Laredo, Front Line
      Ed Vulliamy | Observer | 26 September 2010
      Another despatch from Mexican drug wars. Much covered, never boring. "In
      what I would call normal times, I kill you and make you disappear. Now
      they are shouting about it, turning it into a grotesque carousel"
    * [4]Gold As Final Refuge
      Ambrose Evans-Pritchard | Telegraph | 26 September 2010
      World's biggest economic powers locked into competitive depreciation. No
      safe haven in currency markets. Swiss franc already overvalued. Gold the
      only option. High now, but still at only half its 15C record
    * [5]Small Change
      Malcolm Gladwell | New Yorker | 26 September 2010
      "Tipping Point" redux. Role of new social media in political activism
      much exaggerated. Twitter, Facebook can encourage widespread superficial
      interest in events. But that's a long way from serious engagement

Topic: Facebook

Essays on the history of Facebook, the character of Mark Zuckerberg, and the
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[7]Today on FiveBooks: The Meaning of Life

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