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Writing Worth Reading

[2]Don't Bring A Knife to A Gunfight

Tim Worstall | Foreign Policy | 29 September 2010
  China's supposed monopoly over rare earths is illusory. If China restricts
  exports, rare earths can be mined elsewhere, mainly in California and
  Australia. But costs will be higher, and it's a dirty business

[3]Politics Of Chinese Adjustment

Michael Pettis | China Financial Markets | 29 September 2010
  Smart backgrounder on biggest macro story of coming five years. If world
  cannot absorb China's trade surplus, China will have to raise consumption as
  share of GDP. Who will be the gainers and losers?

[4]Preacher On A Tank

David Runciman | LRB | 29 September 2010
  Superb essay on Tony Blair's record in office, through the prism of his
  memoirs. Too rich to summarise adequately. Main thread of argument is that
  Blair was great at quick fixes, bad at big, messy calculations

[5]V.S. Naipaul Comes To Supper

Gillian Schutte | Book SA | 28 September 2010
  South African family accepts last-minute request to entertain great writer,
  who is researching book, wants to meet "real people". Naipaul silent
  throughout. "Mom, does the Indian guy not speak English?"

[6]On German Reunification

Condoleezza Rice | Spiegel | 29 September 2010
  Terrific interview. History behind the scenes. Plausible, ruthless, concise.
  "Hans-Dietrich Genscher seemed to think of the unification process as more
  of a merger. I preferred to see it as an acquisition"

[7]My Favourite Footballer, Lucas Radebe

James Appell | Equaliser | 30 September 2010
  From teenage car thief in Soweto to captain of his country in two World Cups
  and symbol of sport's battle with racism. Brief appreciation of the man whom
  Nelson Mandela told: "You are my hero"

[8]Ascension Island

Oliver Morton | Economist | 21 September 2010
  Diary of a week on a thinly populated island in mid-Atlantic. Discovered by
  Portuguese, used by British to exile Napoleon. Now a colony of the BBC, for
  World Service transmitters. Interesting throughout

[9]Ryder Cup: Hell Of The 1st Tee

Lawrence Donegan | Guardian | 30 September 2010
  Former players describe their 1st tee nerves. "I had the first shot. When
  you are standing there, trust me, it is not good," says one. "At least you
  got it in the air, mate," said caddie of another

[10]Tea & Crackers

Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone | 28 September 2010
  Portrait of the Tea Party as a tribe of disoriented white people on
  Medicare, against government spending except on themselves. By Taibbi's
  standards a restrained piece of writing. Simple points, well expressed.

[11]New Planet May Have Life

Dennis Overbye | NYT | 29 September 2010
  Quirky filler, or most important story of our lifetimes. Distant planet
  discovered with right conditions for harbouring surface water, thus plants
  and animals which could be similar to those on Earth

[12]Weak Ties And Revolution

Jonah Lehrer | Frontal Cortex | 29 September 2010
  Knocks down Malcolm Gladwell's argument that "weak ties"—Twitter et al—don't
  nurture activism. Weak ties are vital for building trust across wide groups.
  Close ties bind narrow groups, inhibit mobilisation

Topic: Mexican drug wars

The battling cartels control cities, provinces, police and prisons. How long
  before they control...[13]Continue reading...

[14]Today on FiveBooks: Brazil

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