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Writing Worth Reading

[2]Franzen's Freedom Has Been Pulped

Charlie Brooker | Guardian | 4 October 2010
  There's nothing like the lonely horror of realising you've made a massive
  cock-up. It's as if a cold egg of dread has been cracked open over your
  skull. Something like this happened at Franzen's UK publishers last week

[3]Why We Watch Glenn Beck

Dana Milbank | Daily Beast | 4 October 2010
  Gallup asked Americans which living man they admired most. The only man
  mentioned more often than Beck was Mandela. More on the rise of broadcaster
  who likes to "take it up a notch", however few notches remain

[4]King Of Diamonds

Jake Silverstein | Texas Monthly | 1 October 2010
  Glimpse of baseball history from rural Texas. A real life field of dreams,
  built by a rancher, and the pitcher who took James Dean "rabbit whacking" on
  a day off from filming of "Giant"

[5]Africa's Soccer Imposters

Brian Phillips | Slate | 4 October 2010
  Sad tale of fake Togolese team that played friendly international against
  Bahrain last month. Bizarre episode it may have been, but also a symptom of
  corruption, mismanagement bedevilling African football

[6]John Ford: Melancholy Democrat

Mike Marqusee | | 4 October 2010
  Finely-turned appreciation of John Ford, here praised as one of the greatest
  and subtlest of filmmakers. Works like "The Searchers" were rich in emotion
  and ideas, compassionate, sceptical, ambivalent

[7]Against The Stuttgart Rail Project

Steve Evans | BBC | 4 October 2010
  Why do people get so worked up about saving railway stations? And trees.
  Despatch from Germany on the construction project that's bringing protesters
  onto the streets in their thousands


James Surowiecki | New Yorker | 11 October 2010
  Enjoyable discussion about procrastination. Why do we put things off, even
  when we know it's not in our best interests to do so, and what does it tell
  us about ourselves? Includes tips for chronic procrastinators

[9]Forces The Palin Cult Attracts

Andrew Sullivan | Atlantic | 3 October 2010
  Short story about report in Alaska of a threat made against Sarah Palin, and
  the extraordinary response it provoked from people presumed to support her.
  Even local newspaper that broke story was shocked

[10]Understanding Hizbullah

Thanassis Cambanis | Qifa Nabki | 3 October 2010
  What makes Lebanese militant group different from Hamas or Al-Qaeda? How
  beholden is it to Tehran, what would happen if Iran were attacked? Some
  answers in this interview with former Boston Globe reporter

[11]Excerpt From Philip Roth's "Nemesis"

Philip Roth | CBS | 3 October 2010
  Opening chapter of Roth's new novel, about polio outbreak in wartime New
  Jersey. Excerpt anticipates fear that descends on bewildered community,
  introduces character whose moral struggle forms book's emotional core

[12]Facebook Can Be Bigger Than Google

Adam Rifkin | TechCrunch | 2 October 2010
  Facebook already has about double revenue Google reported when it filed to
  go public. Silicon Valley veteran analyses potential revenue streams that
  could take it to annual turnover of $30bn in five years' time

Topic: North Korea

Essays and interviews on the succession to Kim Jong Il, the economy, health
  care, tourism and...[13]Continue reading...

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