Newsletter 123

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Writing Worth Reading

* [2]China Must Fix Global Currency Crisis
   George Soros | FT | 7 October 2010
   Managed exchange rate has worked well for China, by allowing state to
   build great wealth without much taxation. But in China's interest now to
   let yuan rise, because otherwise global economy will seize up
 * [3]Crow
   Susan Orlean | Free Range | 7 October 2010
   Short and sweet. On the incidental pleasures of keeping a rooster. It's
   not something you usually intend to do, the hens produce the eggs
   anyway, but unless you're a certified chicken sexer, mistakes can be
 * [4]Hunt For Dubai Hit-Men
   Chip Cummins et al | WSJ | 8 October 2010
   Follow-up on assassination of Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai
   in January. More glimpses into Mossad tradecraft. One of the killers may
   be a Brit who disappeared, reported dead, in 1973
 * [5]Who Owns AIG?
   Steven Davidoff | DealBook | 7 October 2010
   It's still the American taxpayer, but the original bailout was a rush
   job that has needed to be tidied up. Succinct account of how the US
   government is restructuring ownership, in preparation for resale
 * [6]Berlin-Baghdad Express
   A.C. Grayling | B&N Review | 8 October 2010
   Highly informative account of Sean McMeekin's "brilliant" book on
   great-game diplomacy in run-up to WW1. British empire contained
   one-third of world's Muslims. Kaiser wanted Turkey to help trigger a
   Muslim uprising
 * [7]Stuxnet
   Bruce Schneier | On Security | 7 October 2010
   Chapter and verse on the putative anti-Bushehr virus, from highly
   regarded security blogger. The more you read about this, even from
   somebody who doesn't want to hype it, the better the story gets
 * [8]Confessions Of A Used-Book Salesman
   Michael Savitz | Slate | 6 October 2010
   If you spend 80 hours a week trawling junk shops with a barcode scanner,
   you can make a modest living in the second-hand book trade. But be
   prepared for all the other people who are doing exactly the same
 * Topic: Invented Languages

From Na'avi and Klingon to Esperanto and Pascal, by way of Polari and
   gender-neutral pronouns. Most... [9]Continue reading...

[10]Today on FiveBooks: Victorian Adventures

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