Newsletter 128

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Writing Worth Reading

* [2]Selling Liverpool Football Club
   David Conn | Guardian | 14 October 2010True value or "epic swindle"? The
   bid that fractured Liverpool's boardroom. Now a court in Dallas is
   involved in deciding the future of one of Europe's greatest sports
   clubs. How did it ever come to this?
 * [3]Behind Har Sin's Story
   Adrian Florido | Voice Of San Diego | 12 October 2010
   Journalist tells of befriending young deaf Burmese refugee with no
   language skills. "We'd sat down with him, opened a newspaper, and tried
   to get him to understand that we wanted to put him in the newspaper"
 * [4]How Marriage Survives
   Justin Wolfers | Brookings | 13 October 2010
   US marriage rate bounces around a bit, but no evidence of major decline.
   On the other hand, nature of marriage has changed. Elite husbands want
   elite wives, meaning poorer prospects for less-educated women
 * [5]Truthiness
   Ben Zimmer | NYT | 13 October 2010
   Stephen Colbert talks about "truthiness", which he coined (or re-coined)
   in 2005. Included in this year's New Oxford American Dictionary. “I
   wanted a silly word that would feel wrong in your mouth”
 * [6]How Bureaucrats Stalk Celebrities
   G.W. Schulz | Mother Jones | 13 October 2010
   Low-level government employees use official databases to stalk
   celebrities online. They just do. Curiosity and power get the better of
   them, even when they know that they are likely to get caught.
 * [7]Can You Give My Son A Job?
   Slavoj Žižek | LRB | 13 October 2010
   Informative review of Richard McGregor's book on Chinese Communist
   Party, explaining how party has kept control of China despite
   discrediting of Maoist ideology, by redefining itself as guarantor of
 * [8]Baseball's Breaking Curveball "An Illusion"
   Randolph Schmid | MSNBC | 13 October 2010
   Curveballs do curve, but scientists say their arc is smooth, gradual.
   What batters see as a sudden "break" is just an illusion. It's to do
   with switching between central and peripheral vision
 * Topic: Steve Jobs
   Interviews, profiles, parodies, and even an obituary, tracking the life
   of America's greatest... [9]Continue reading...

[10]Today on FiveBooks: The Best Debut Novels of 2010

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