Newsletter 206

Hic sunt camelopardus: this historical edition of The Browser is presented for archaeological purposes; links and formatting may be broken.

[1]Bounty Hunter's Pursuit Of Justice

Alex Tabarrok | Wilson Quarterly | 10 January 2011

Terrific piece. Economist rides shotgun with bail bondsman in Baltimore.
  Learns mechanics of business. Chases down heroin addict. Comes away pretty
  impressed. It may be a thankless trade, but it's a useful and effective one
  < [2]Reversing Course On Belarus Links: 2. Joerg Forbrig | IHT | 10 January 2011 European Union's strategy of engaging with Belarus regime has failed. Hundreds in jail there, some tortured, after last month's rigged presidential election. EU should ban Belarus officials, freeze projects, cut credit lines [3]Great Food Crisis Of 2011 Links: 3. Lester Brown | Foreign Policy | 10 January 2011 Persuasive statement of new Malthusianism. "Tonight, there will be 219,000 additional mouths to feed at the dinner table. Another 219,000 will join us tomorrow night." And at some point soon, we do hit the limits of agriculture [4]Vinegar Links: 4. Tom Nealon | HiLoBrow | 11 January 2011 History of said condiment. Hannibal blew up Alps with it. Paracelsus drank it with urine. Louis XIII cooled his cannons with it. Hippocrates washed his hair with it. Doctors prescribed it against plague. Now we dress salads with it [5]View full selection Links: 5. Today's FiveBooks Interview [6]Charles Glass on =AMERICANS ABROAD= Links: 6. American writer and broadcaster Charles Glass chooses five books about his countrymen in other countries [7]Continue reading… Links: 7. Topic [8]China Links: 8. Everything you need to know about the rising power. Original interviews with experts such as Richard Baum, Isabel Hilton, and Xinran - and the books and articles they recommend [9]Continue reading… Links: 9. Book of the Day [10]The Quiet American Links: 10. -by Graham Greene - This was written before the American war in Vietnam. Graham Greene saw it coming. And it was the idealism of liberals in America that led to the invasion of Vietnam by the armed forces. They should have read the book first and realised what they were doing. [11]More recommendations… Links: 11. Browsings [12]moulinlacoste New York exhibition of mysterious 17th Century paintings, reveals early signs of denim fashion. [13] #browsings [14] More user recommended #browsings… Links: 12.       13.       14. |   [15]The Browser  |  [16]Twitter  |  [17]Facebook  |  [18]Unsubscribe  | [19]Privacy Policy  |  [20]Contact  | Having trouble reading this email? [21]View it in your browser. Links: 15.       16.       17.       18. *|UNSUB|* 19.       20.       21. *|ARCHIVE|* *|LIST_ADDRESS|* *|LIST:DESCRIPTION|*

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