Newsletter 21

Hic sunt camelopardus: this historical edition of The Browser is presented for archaeological purposes; links and formatting may be broken.

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[2]Art Of The Interview
Sarah Fay I The Believer I June
Conversation with, and sympathetic profile of, radio host Michael
Silverblatt, interviewer of literary greats. "My advice to you: sit forward,
listen with all your might, and don’t ever be thinking of your next
[3]My Once-In-A-Generation Cut
Simon Jenkins I The Guardian I 8 June 2010
The case for eliminating, not just cutting, British defence budget. Cold war
was replaced by fantasy proposition of an unspecified but potent enemy.
"Truth is we're spending £45bn a year on heebie-jeebies"
[4]A Bad Reputation
Mike Berners-Lee I BBC Magazine I 8 June 2010
Idiosyncratic, sometimes surprising, advice on greener living. When you walk
home from the shops with two carrier bags, about 1/1000th of the carbon
footprint is in the bags, rest is in the shopping.
[5]On Hearing "I Was Wrong"
Kathryn Schulz I NY Times I 8 June 2010
We say we want public figures to apologise more often, but what happens when
they do? Should we insist that people acknowledge their mistakes if we
intend to shower them with moral outrage?
[6]A Game Of Cat And Mouse
Anonymous | Economist | 3 June 2010
Toxoplasmosis, parasite found mainly in cats and rats, seems to have bizarre
effects in humans. Studies suggest strong correlation with neurosis, poor
reaction times, propensity for road accidents
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