Newsletter 30

Hic sunt camelopardus: this historical edition of The Browser is presented for archaeological purposes; links and formatting may be broken.

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[2]Breeders' Cup
Bryan Caplan | WSJ | 19 June 2010
Economist on rationale for having children. They make you less happy—but
most parents would still do it all over again. And don't sweat it: bad
parents don't make bad kids
[3]Rogues Of K Street
Anonymous | Playboy | 18 June 2010
Political consultant tells of working for Tea Party faction. "We make a
sport out of confusing the press." Good read, even allowing for large dose
of self-interested spinning
[4]Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names
Patrick McKenzie | MicroISV | 17 June 2010
Miniature masterpiece. 40 ways in which online forms fail to allow for
diversity of human names. And, as commenter says in excellent thread: "don't
even get me started on addresses"
[5]Brushes With Hockney
Karen Wright | Intelligent Life | Summer 2010
Diary of meetings with Hockney over ten-year period. Interesting less for
the writing than for the glimpses of Hockney's techniques, and his openness
to new technologies
[6]Afghan Minerals: Cure, Curse, Hype?
Jeff Vail | Oil Drum | 18 June 2010
Curse, most likely. Unstable security environment will deter outside
investment. But mineral wealth, where accessible, gives new incentives for
insurgency, banditry, corruption
[7]Charles de Gaulle Remembered
Neal Ascherson | Open Democracy | 18 June 2010
"Long-nosed elephant" of French politics belonged to an older European
tradition—the providential strongman, who turns up on a white horse to save
the nation in time of crisis
[8]Companies We Love To Hate
Lucy Kellaway | FT 18 June 2010
Why such public hatred for BP? We're jumpy after credit crunch, envious of
huge CEO wages, sick of hypocritical corporate PR, and exposed to viral
power of Internet
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