Newsletter 39

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[2]Welcome Former Times Readers
John Crace | Guardian | 2 Juy 2010
On the day that Rupert Murdoch's London Times puts up its online pay wall,
the still-free Guardian sets out its stall to new readers, and sticks a few
stilettos in the Times's back along the way
[3]Making Soccer Less Boring
Rick Bookstaber | 27 June 2010
The best sort of humour. Builds slowly, so that only by the very end do you
suspect you are being made a fool of. Even then, some of the ideas—a shorter
pitch, two balls, free substitution—have a plausible ring
[4]Tyler Brûlé, Media Maverick
Tim Adams | Business Week | 1 July 2010
Brûlé himself is a showy, cheesy writer, but this is a well-put-together
account of his career, of his branding consultancy, and of his magazine
Monocle, described here as a commercial success
[5]Ellen And William Craft Escape Slavery
Marian Smith Holmes | Smithsonian | 17 June 2010
Nail-biting true story of married couple who escaped slavery in 19th century
Georgia by fleeing north to Philadelphia—Ellen disguised as a male invalid,
husband William as her slave
[6]I’ll Take A Scoop Of Prosciutto
Elizabeth Weil | NYT Magazine | 29 June 2010
Profile of San Francisco's shy, eccentric, ice-cream-making genius, Jake
Godby. Flavours include "hibiscus beet", "government cheese"—and "secret
breakfast", made with bourbon and toasted cornflakes
[7]Brave New World Of Foreign Policy
Simon Carr | Independent | 2 July 2010
Satirical take on incoming British foreign secretary's attempt to put his
stamp on foreign policy. Imagined discussion between British diplomats,
fishing for meaning among the buzzwords
[8]How Lobbyists Shaped Financial Reform Bill
Steve Brill | Time | 1 July 2010
Lobbyists are "best bargain in Washington". Private-equity trade association
spent $15m on lobbyists, got $10bn tax break. Finance industry hired 2,000
lobbyists to fight regulatory reform bill
[9]Mexico's Downward Drift
Adam Thomson FT | 30 June 2010
Ten years ago, with the political monopoly of PRI broken, Mexico looked full
of promise. Instead, economy and social order have gone downhill,
overwhelmed by China's rise, US policy shifts, homegrown corruption
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