Newsletter 47

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[2]What If Che Had Escaped?
Dominic Sandbrook | New Statesman | 15 July 2010
Lovely vignette. He'd now be 82, perhaps with much of the easy charm of a
Nelson Mandela, living handsomely on royalties from iconic photographs of
his youth. More, please
[3]Underground Man
Steven Zipperstein | Jewish Review Of Books | Summer 2010
Amazing life of Mark Zborowski: anthropologist, Soviet spy, author of
standard work on Jewish life in pre-Holocaust Europe. Jailed in US, made
final career shift into experimental medicine
[4]US Financial Regulatory Reform
Deloittes | July 2010
12-page briefing note (PDF) prepared for clients. No thrills or spills, but
a workmanlike summary of Dodd-Frank's likely impact. "Biggest set of changes
in a generation, perhaps the biggest since the 1930s"
[5]How Will You Measure Your Life?
Clayton Christensen | HBR | July 2010
Harvard professor's talk on balancing work and life. Energetic people
over-invest in careerism because it gives quick results: products, wages.
Family life, social life, take decades to mature
[6]George Steinbrenner
Sean Wilentz | New Republic | 13 July 2010
Nicely balanced obituary, which manages to explain why New York Yankees boss
was so often reviled when alive—and yet is so much missed, following his
death this week
[7]Wider World, Wider Web
Ethan Zuckerman | My Heart's In Accra | 14 July 2010
Lively TED talk from founder of Global Voices blogging network, about
bridging language and cultural divides online. For the moment, technology
can't do it. Human touch vital
[8]Iraq Sanctions: Worth It
Andrew Cockburn | LRB | 14 July 2010
Shocking account of US-led sanctions regime 1990-2003. "Invisible war" that
caused horrible hardship, radicalised Iraqis, promoted corruption,
strengthened Saddam's dictatorship
[9]Penn And Teller Interview
Benjamin Secher | Telegraph | 9 July 2010
Conversation with celebrated magicians. Interesting throughout, especially
on Las Vegas, and on how they work together. “We are artistic and business
partners, not primarily friends”
[10]Time To Check Your Colons
Conor Dillon | The Millions | 13 July 2010
Neglected mark of punctuation roars back into life, jump-starter for short,
punchy sentences online. "The jumper colon is a paragraphical Red Bull, a
rocket-launch of a punctuator, the Usain Bolt of literature"
[11]Big Game Hunter
Chris Jones | Walrus | July 2010
Visit to Maastricht Art Fair with Marc Mayer, director of Canadian National
Gallery, trying to make big splash with small budget. Good insight into mix
of instinct, logic, planning that determine an acquisition
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