Newsletter 49

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[2]This Column Mentions Lady Gaga
Gene Weingarten | Washington Post | 18 July 2010
Hackneyed subject: how search-engine optimisation and need to drive web
traffic are dumbing-down news headlines, news reporting. Even so,
wonderfully funny. And accurate
[3]When Kings Grow Old
Anonymous | Economist | 15 July 2010
Saudi King Abdullah 86, losing lucidity. Scrum of potential successors. Even
if this handover is smooth, family power struggle seems inevitable sooner or
[4]A Book For $75,000
Alexandra Alter | WSJ | 16 July 2010
New market for luxury limited editions throws up $40,000 book about Ferrari;
$12,500 book on moon landing, moon rock included; $75,000 book on Tendulkar,
with cricketer's blood in paper
[5]Lunch With Oleg Deripaska
Gideon Rachman | FT | 16 July 2010
Entertaining, well-researched account of meeting with usually reclusive,
vastly rich, somewhat colourful Russian aluminium magnate. But why?
Presumably Deripaska is up to something
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