Newsletter 5

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[2]Businessmen, Learn From Cab Drivers
Stephen Adshead | Anthony Painter's Blog | 12 May 2010
London taxi drivers spend years learning how to get around the city, and how
to deal tactfully with difficult customers, before getting a licence. CEOs
should do the equivalent
[3]I Wish Elena Kagan Was Openly Lesbian
Jack Shafer | Slate | 10 May 2010
"Only by sending a gay nominee through the meat grinder of Senate
confirmation—as with Catholics, Jews, blacks, women—can we purge identity
politics from the court"
[4]Death Of Embarrassment
Christine Rosen | In Character | 26 April 2010
From teeth-whitening to Facebook-friending, we happily do in public now what
would once have been considered private acts. Makes life easier in many
ways, but also less civil
[5]Cameron’s Daring Changes Politics
Daniel Finkelstein | London Times | 12 May 2010
Whether it succeeds or not, Tories' deal with Lib-Dems is historic moment
for Britain comparable to Peel's repeal of Corn Laws, or first-ever Labour
government in 1924
[6]Understanding Britain's New Government
James Crabtree | Prospect | 12th May 2010
Six texts to help new Conservative-Lib-Dem government find narrative drawing
on ideas that Cameron, Clegg have in common, while respecting party
[7]General Election Review
Tim Montgomerie | Conservative Home | May 12 2010
Influential insider's analysis of 2010 campaign weakness. Conservatives
promised change, but failed to define or explain it, leaving them vulnerable
to Lib Dems
[8]This Column Will Change Your Life
Oliver Burkeman | Guardian | 8 May 2010
Askers go right ahead and ask for what they want, even when the answer may
be "no". Guessers avoid asking for something, unless they think the answer
will be "yes". The trouble comes when they meet
[9]Europe's €750 billion Bazooka
Charlemagne | Economist | 10 May 2010
EU tells world markets to treat eurozone as unified economy entity, with
budgetary powers. But when and how will this new arrangement be explained to
EU's own citizens?
[10]Google Saves The News
James Fallows | Atlantic | June 2010
Long feature, full of interesting insights but frustratingly inconclusive,
about Google's efforts to help struggling news media find profitable new
business models online
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