Newsletter 51

Hic sunt camelopardus: this historical edition of The Browser is presented for archaeological purposes; links and formatting may be broken.

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[2]Russian Foreign Policy
Fyodor Lukyanov | Moscow Times | 20 July 2010
Think-tanker ranks Russian non-intervention in Kygystan rebellion as main
foreign-policy event of past year—evidence of waning imperialism
[3]Albania's Long-Suffering Railways
Tim Judah | Economist | 19 July 2010
"In theory they have 78 locomotives, but only 18 to 20 actually work, and
the rest are cannibalised to keep the others going." Total ticket sales per
year: €346,153
[4]Inside The iPhone Network Meltdown
Fred Vogelstein | Wired | 19 July 2010
Not the antenna flaw this time, but Apple's war with AT&T, which has US
network monopoly for iPhone, and can't cope. Apple hates AT&T, but seemingly
has no alternative
[5]TV's Crowning Moment Of Awesome
Chris Jones | Esquire | 12 July 2010
Great read. Retired Las Vegas weather-man turns to casino surveillance,
spots a way of beating "The Price Is Right", inveigles himself and friends
on to show, walks away with jackpot
[6]Britain's Nuclear Choice
Gideon Rachman | FT | 19 July 2010
Nuclear weapon strategists still stuck in Cold War era of second strikes and
mutually assured destruction. All a country needs now is a few cheap bombs
to deter any aggressor
[7]Summer Essays
Jeremy Grantham | GMO | July 2010
Six notes on diverse topics from much-respected investment strategist. All
good, but "Everything You Need To Know About Gobal Warming In 5 Minutes", is
the one to read first (Scribd)
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