Newsletter 52

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[2]Black Men Can Swim
Tim Harris | Prospect | 21 July 2010
Advances in genetics make it possible to debate sensibly the part played by
genetic endowment in sporting success—including racial differences,
previously a taboo subject
[3]Friendship, Travel, And World Of Warcraft
Tom Chatfield | What Happens Next? | 20 July 2010
Engaging account of how long-term real-life friendships can bud within
multi-player online games. To the gamer this must be commonplace; to the
non-gamer, it's a glimpse into a parallel world
[4]Asia's Rise
Paul Kennedy | World Today | August 2010
US debate on China's rise "borders on the fatuous", to the extent that it
exists at all. Here is a major threat to America's place in the world—and
nobody in Washington is plotting a strategic response
[5]Century Of Suffering
Richard Williams | Guardian | 22 July 2010
Enjoyable anecdotal history, recalling 100 years of the Col du Tourmalet,
the first mountain to be included in the Tour de France. Perfectly
practicable, said the original route planner, after falling down a ravine
and having to be rescued
[6]Soccer Explains Nothing
Simon Kuper | Foreign Policy | 21 July 2010
World Cup encouraged a lot of high-flown theorising about soccer and life,
but really, it's just a game now—globalised, homogenised. Geopolitics have
drained away. No more festering WWII resentments.
[7]Lady Twilight
William Dalrymple | Killing The Buddha | 29 June 2010
Thrilling investigation into death cult of Great Goddess Tara, in Bengal.
First sentence: “Before you drink from a skull, you must first find the
right corpse.”
[8]End Of Forgetting
Jeffrey Rosen | NYT Magazine | 19 July 2010
Legal scholar examines impact of social media and internet search on private
life and reputation. "The worst thing you've done is often the first thing
that everyone knows about you"
[9]BP And Lockerbie Bomber
Bagehot | Economist | 21 July 2010
Good personal chemistry with Obama made Cameron's American visit a success.
But US-UK relations still threatened by simmering row over BP's role in
release of Libyan terrorist
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