Newsletter 54

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[2]Is The Middle Class Breaking Apart?
Andy Beckett | Guardian | 24 July 2010
Much of what we associate with being middle class is coming under strain,
starting with notions of job security, home ownership and saving for
retirement. The crisis of a generation may be just beginning
[3]Crisis Economics
Gregory Mankiw | National Affairs | Summer 2010
Obama administration took over economy in crisis. Had to act quickly. But we
can see now that stimulus didn't produce intended results, especially on
employment. Time to rethink fiscal policy
[4]Lost In Translation
Lera Boroditsky | WSJ | 24 July 2010
Does language determine how we think? Linguists, philosophers have argued
question for centuries. Studies that manipulate language directly, and look
for effects in cognition, show answer is "yes"
[5]Income Inequality: A Deeper Look
Karl Smith | Modeled Behaviour | 22 July 2010
Scrupulous analysis of rich/poor divide in America, much of it charted.
Starts with knock-out graphic that seems to tell the whole story, nuances it
using other scales, breakdowns
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