Newsletter 6

Hic sunt camelopardus: this historical edition of The Browser is presented for archaeological purposes; links and formatting may be broken.

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[2]Genius Of QVC
Megan McArdle | Atlantic | June 2010
Shopping channel perfects art of selling. Even Marlon Brando wanted to work
there. "You tell a story, about the viewer, and the product’s place in her
[3]Metric Mania
John Allen Paulos | NYT Magazine | 10 May 2010
Public policy relies heavily on testing, scoring, counting. But numbers
aren't absolute. By manipulating criteria, protocols, weights, you can get
almost any outcome
[4]Dark Magic Of Structured Finance
Alex Tabarrok | Marginal Revolution | 13 May 2010
How small errors in forecasting mortgage-default risk translate into huge
swings in the value of mortgage derivatives. Slightly technical: some maths,
no algebra
[5]Charles Taylor's Long Goodbye
Doug Merino | Slate | 14 May 2010
Report from Hague trial of African warlord. "The proceedings have unfurled a
series of grotesque allegations, bizarre accusations, and unexpected
celebrity cameos"
[6]How Childhood Has Evolved
Melvyn Konner | Chronicle Review | 9 May 2010
Neo-Darwinian theory, coupled with advances in psychology, neuroscience,
genetics and anthropology, contribute to deeper understanding of child
[7]Goodbye To Europe
Richard Haass | CFR/FT | 13 May 2010
EU's structural flaws, political parochialism, demographics, pacifism are
weakening its global voice and role. NATO no longer default partner for
American foreign policy
[8]Banknote Of Ill-Repute
Mark Hughes, Rob Sharp | Independent | 13 May 2010
British police ban €500 note, used almost exclusively for money-laundering.
"You can swallow €150,000 in €500 notes, or hide €20,000 of them a cigarette
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