Newsletter 77

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[2]Airline Magazine For Tough Travellers
Michael Phillips | WSJ | 19 August 2010
Fine, funny, account of Safi Airlines, Afghan start-up, and its in-flight
magazine in which you will find "an article on Kabul heroin addicts, photos
of bullet-pocked tourist sites. and ads for mine-resistant SUVs"
[3]Who's Teaching L.A.'s Kids?
Jason Felch et al | LAT | 14 August 2010
Data shows quality of teacher determines pupil performance, more so than
quality of school. System should do much more to analyse, identify good
teaching—and promote it
[4]A Cook's Ode to Burns and Cuts
Scarlett Lindeman | Atlantic | 18 August 2010
If you thought J.G. Ballard's "Crash" was a great book about cars, this a
fine short piece about cooking. And the many ways you can burn, slice and
skewer yourself while doing so
[5]Liz Claiborne Hits Snag
Rachel Dodes | WSJ | 15 August 2010
Iconic clothes brand implodes. Eccentric chief executive infatuated with
high fashion. Targets younger customers. Loses money, loses customers. Next
up: change company name
[6]Obama Declares Victory in Iraq, Sort Of
Onion | 18 August 2010
"There's a military triumph in there somewhere, I swear. You just have to
look at it from the right angles". Even by the Onion's exalted standards,
this is a wonderful piece of writing
Lee Smith | Tablet | 18 August 2010
Punchy article relating to Cordoba House affair that combines skewering of
Newt Gingrich with good backgrounder on much misunderstood term "sharia",
usually translated as Islamic law
[8]After Stanley Kubrick
Jon Ronson | Guardian | 18 August 2010
Touching interview with Kubrick's widow, Christiane. Writer inspired by her
resilience in the face of family tragedy, and the way she continues to guard
her late husband's legacy
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