Newsletter 793

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Best of the Moment

Meet The Man Who Built A 30-Story Building In 15 Days

Lauren Hilgers | Wired | 25 September 2012

Chinese company Broad Sustainable Building makes prefabricated skyscrapers. It claims its method is safer, less wasteful, cheaper and, of course, faster. Its next project is to build the world's tallest building in seven months Comments (

It's Time To Break Up The Euro

Shawn Tully | Fortune | 25 September 2012

Roger Bootle is a British economist who correctly predicted both a dotcom bubble and a worldwide housing crash. Now he's betting on at least a partial breakup of the euro. Here's why, and how he thinks it will unfold Comments (

Tricks Foods Play

Janet Raloff | ScienceNews | 24 September 2012

"Most people would never equate downing a well-dressed salad or a fried chicken thigh with toking a joint of marijuana." But new research suggests the comparison holds up. Here's how certain foods trick your brain into over-eating Comments (

Six Flags Over Lebanon

Tom Freston | Vanity Fair | 25 September 2012

A visit to "Hezbollahland", theme park created by the Lebanese Shia movement as monument to its successes, real and imagined, over Israel. Spectacular setting affords views of Israel and Syria. Gift shop needs a bit of work though Comments (

How Collecting Opium Antiques Turned Me Into An Opium Addict

Lisa Hix & Steven Martin | Collectors Weekly | 24 September 2012

Martin discovered the beauty of old opium pipes, lamps and other paraphernalia. He collected thousands of pieces, and wrote a book about opium antiques. And then, initially for research, he started smoking (h/t @tzaf) Comments (

Why We Can't Open The Windows Inside A Plane

avflox | Blogher | 25 September 2012

Apparently Mitt Romney doesn't understand why airplane windows don't open. Well, here's a world expert on the mechanics of animal flight to explain. And no, it isn't because everyone would be sucked out of the plane: That's a myth Comments (

FiveBooks Interview


Marcus du Sautoy on The Beauty of Maths

The Oxford professor tells us how he finds beauty in maths, and why his ultimate aim is to become a master of the glass bead game. Read on (


Population and Resources

Will humans run out of natural resources? Is population growth a danger to society? Or will human innovation conquer? You decide Read on (

Reader Recommendations

@jessradio ( Saudi activist @MFQahtani ( on the prospect of going to jail: "It's just another day at the office." #browsings ( More like this (

Book of the Day

Book of the Day (

Moonwalking with Einstein  by Joshua Foer

Deborah Blum says ( : “Foer asks the really interesting philosophical question, which is, are we defined by what we remember?” FiveBooks Archive (

Video of the Day

There Are Two Kinds Of People


Those who divide the world in two, and those who don't More videos (

Quote of the Day

Jean-Claude Juncker, on the euro crisis (

"We all know what to do, but we don’t know how to get re-elected once we have done it"

More quotes (

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