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Best of the Moment

Let's Get Real Clawbacks From The Banks

Paul Hodgson | Bloomberg | 4 October 2012

"Thus far, no senior executive in the US has had to return compensation that has been paid out as a result of excessively risky investments, violations of ethics codes, or behavior that regulators judged to be illegal." Why not? Comments (

Lionel Messi, Here & Gone

Wright Thompson | ESPN | 5 October 2012

Thanks to his exploits with Barcelona FC, Lionel Messi is idolised all over the world. But not in his hometown of Rosario in Argentina. Not even in the bar owned by his family, where the TV is tuned to cooking shows Comments (

In The New World Of Spies

Anne Applebaum | NYRB | 4 October 2012

History of Soviet/Russian spies. "Those attracted to clandestine work had to be able to memorize new identities, new biographies, and complicated cover stories. In practice, they had to get some pleasure out of doing so as well" Comments (

In Praise Of Bad Boys' Books

Howard Jacobson | Guardian | 5 October 2012

Jacobson was once criticised by a publisher for writing a book that lacked redemption. He was thrilled, so he says. Since when was redemption a measure of literary worth? Much better to join the bad boys and girls, writing with grit Comments (

War Between The Sexes

Michele Pridmore-Brown | TLS | 5 October 2012

"Game theory enables evolutionary biologists and economists to think of the so-called war of the sexes as a strategic game. Insects and humans alike, we are the descendants of those who happened to play the game exceptionally well" Comments (

Long Tail Of Lego

Chris Anderson | Reuters | 2 October 2012

Lego supports an ecosystem of small independent fabricators who make niche products, such as toy guns, for Lego fans. And Lego's happy to let them. They fill gaps in the market, while Lego focuses on mass-market parts and toys Comments (

FiveBooks Interview


Renata Salecl on Modern Misery

The Slovenian philosophy professor decries the tyranny of choice and says we now expect long life, a beautiful body, sexual and job satisfaction. But the idea that we can perfect ourselves dooms us to failure and misery Read on (


Steve Jobs's Legacy

He was a giant of American business, driving Apple to become the most valuable company in the world. But how should we remember Steve Jobs?   Read on (

Reader Recommendations

henrylf ( Discovery Channel crashes a plane to see how passengers fare. Ones at back ok, first class all dead  #browsings (!/search?q=#browsings) More like this (

Book of the Day

Book of the Day (

A History of Cant and Slang Dictionaries  by Julie Coleman

Jonathon Green says ( : “She offers information on enormous amounts of supporting slang – truckers’ slang, college slang and all that kind of thing. It’s a superb collection” FiveBooks Archive (

Video of the Day

Made Of More


Completely baffling. Nul points More videos (

Quote of the Day

Fran Lebowitz, on TV chefs (

I’m stunned to turn the television on, and see what I think of as people doing chores

More quotes (

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