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Best of the Moment

Stockton, California: 'This Economy Is Garbage'

Aditya Chakrabortty | Guardian | 2 November 2012

What a slump looks like. "The local council's cash used to come from property and sales taxes; when those dried up, it rammed through cuts. Finally, this summer, officials ran out of services to shut, and declared the city bust" Comments (

In Soviet Russia, Storm Weathers You

Julia Ioffe | New Republic | 31 October 2012

Returnee from Moscow sees Superstorm Sandy bringing out best in American government: working to inform, help, protect public. In Russia crises bring out worst in bureaucracy which is lazy, selfish, corrupt at the best of times Comments (


Patrick Doyle | Boston | 30 October 2012

Portrait of Roman Catholic church in Boston from perspective of young man joining priesthood. Child-abuse scandal almost destroyed the church. Now the worst is over. The seminaries are filling up again. Respect is returning Comments (

Why We Can't Solve Big Problems

Jason Pontin | MIT Technology Review | 24 October 2012

The public has lost its appetite for high-risk, big-ticket projects. Governments have lost their nerve. Silicon Valley has "ceased to be the funder of the future, and instead become a funder of features, widgets, irrelevances". Comments (


Steven Shapin | London Review Of Books | 30 October 2012

How Immanuel Velikovsky won millions of followers in the 1950s for his nutty theories mixing comets, religion and ancient history. He perfected "pseudoscience": All of the language and rituals of real science, none of the content Comments (

Bradley Wiggins: 'Kids From Kilburn Aren't Supposed To Win The Tour'

Simon Hattenstone | Guardian | 2 November 2012

Interview with Tour de France winner. Typically down to earth, occasionally profane, thoroughly admirable. And a nice line in why he'd rather stay in Wigan than move to somewhere like Monaco. Arise, Sir Wiggo! Surely Comments (

FiveBooks Interview


Ilan Kelman on Disaster Diplomacy

The perception that disasters are isolated events beyond our control is simply not true; we – governments and others – have a greater role in creating them than we wish to acknowledge, says the disaster research expert Read on (


Paying for the US Election

How much is Romney vs Obama 2012 going to cost? Who's paying? And what do they expect in return? Read on (

Reader Recommendations

@polit2k (  Scoop Dupes | Paul Krugman | NYT via @delong (   #browsings (!/search?q=#browsings)  #election2012 (!/search?q=#election2012) #polls (!/search?q=#polls) #scoops (!/search?q=#scoops) More like this (

Book of the Day

Book of the Day (

Sacred and Secular  by Pippa Norris, Ronald Inglehart

Anthony Gottlieb says ( : “In America, you need God, because nobody else is going to help you.” FiveBooks Archive (

Video of the Day

MIT Chomsky Style


The rest you can take or leave. But at 3'20" you get Chomsky More videos (

Quote of the Day

Karl Lagerfeld, on himself (

"I'm very down to earth, just not this earth"

More quotes (

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