Newsletter 835

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Best of the Moment

How Obama Won Four More Years

John Dickerson | Slate | 7 November 2012

"In the end, Romney was right. It was all about the economy. But Americans seemed to want more than someone who cares about fixing the problem; they want someone they think cares about them. It was the empathy, stupid" Comments (

Inside The Secret World Of Data Crunchers Who Helped Obama Win

Michael Scherer | Time | 7 November 2012

"The time of guys sitting in a back room smoking cigars, saying 'We always buy 60 Minutes' is over. In politics, the era of big data has arrived." If you want to reach Miami-Dade women under 35, you can do that Comments (

We Need A Little Fear

Jonathan Haidt | NYT | 7 November 2012

Post-election plea for end to hyperpartisanship. Mill said that in most ideological disputes both sides were in the right in what they affirmed and wrong in what they denied. Challenges loom. Who'll put national over party interest? Comments (

Bloc Heads

Louis Menand | New Yorker | 5 November 2012

Review of Anne Applebaum's latest, "Iron Curtain". "[She] tells of a Polish man who was executed for possession of an unlicensed radio, of a printer who was sentenced to five years for a typographical error in an obituary of Stalin" Comments (

A Convenient Excuse

Wen Stephenson | Phoenix | 31 October 2012

Journalist denounces colleagues' failure to tell truth about climate change. "What I'm talking about is your failure to cover the climate crisis as a crisis, one in which countless millions, even billions, of lives are at stake" Comments (

Beginnings Of Bionic

Meghan Rosen | Science News | 2 November 2012

Computers used to fill whole rooms; then they sat on desks; now they're in the palm of your hand. Joining them to the body is "the next logical step", says Princeton researcher Michael McAlpine. "People are going to be bionic" Comments (

FiveBooks Interview


HW Brands on American Presidents

The best presidential biographies contain insights into both the personal and the political, says the historian HW Brands. So which presidential biographers does he rate highly? Read on (


Extreme Food

From foraging in the wild to foul restaurant dining, here is our toothsome selection of writing on the world of extreme food Read on (

Reader Recommendations

@nuzav ( Noam Chomsky on Where Artificial Intelligence Went Wrong - Yarden Katz - The Atlantic #browsings ( More like this (

Book of the Day

Book of the Day (

The Maestro Myth  by Norman Lebrecht

Igor Toronyi-Lalic says ( : "It’s simply the best book on conductors you have: I don’t know any other that so honestly pricks the pomposity of the whole thing, and introduces anecdotal evidence that sheds a huge amount of light on these characters we think of as mythical beings." FiveBooks Archive (

Video of the Day

Paul Bloom: The Psychology Of Everything


It's a longish video: 43'. But it's a biggish subject: The human mind More videos (

Quote of the Day

Michael Foot, on politicians (

"Men of power have not time to read; yet men who do not read are unfit for power"

More quotes (

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