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Best of the Moment

Purpose Of War In Gaza: More Of The Same

Ken Fraser | Drum | 26 November 2012

Why the ceasefire won't last. "There are too many advantages to be gained from perpetual warfare. Insecurity is gold in politics. Any kind of crisis increases support for incumbent leaders. War is the juiciest crisis of them all" Comments (

The Law, Fleet Street And A Free Press

John Gapper | FT | 28 November 2012

"We are at a vital, scary moment in British constitutional history. If it is mishandled by Mr Cameron and other politicians, the UK could be returned to the days of state licensing of the press, which was abolished in 1694" Comments (

The New Peace

Mary Kaldor | Reinventing Peace | 28 November 2012

Bush administration used "war on terror" to bypass UN, reassert America's right to unilateral military action. Which turned out badly for world peace, human rights, international law, and America. Is there a better way? Comments (


Benjamin Runkle | Foreign Affairs | 28 November 2012

YouTube and the US army are on the case, but the head of the Lord's Resistance Army is still at large. "There has yet to be a single credible sighting of the fugitive, and LRA attacks in the region have only become more frequent" Comments (

Loving A Child On The Fringe

Cristina Nehring | Slate | 28 November 2012

Raising a child with Down syndrome. "To this day she does not speak, or rather, does not speak any recognised language. But she has an enormous amount to say, uncanny capacities for observation, and startling social intelligence" Comments (

When Wine Talk Gets Weird

Jason Wilson | Smart Set | 19 November 2012

How can we enjoy wines that smell of cow manure? Or cat's pee? "Just as in novels or films, the more complex and ambitious the wine, the more unique and potentially discomforting aromas, textures, and flavours we'll find" Comments (

FiveBooks Interview


Fuchsia Dunlop on Chinese Food

The English chef who studied cooking in Sichuan tells us that there is no one Chinese cuisine, how Western perceptions of Chinese food are changing, and why carrots are called "barbarian radishes" in Mandarin
Read on (


Human Modification

Scientists are experimenting with different ways to enhance humans. What's possible? And what may be possible in the future? Does messing with Mother Nature raise ethical questions? Read on (

Reader Recommendations

polit2k (  The Leveson inquiry is irrelevant to 21st-century journalism | Emily Bell via @guardian (  #browsings (!/search?q=#browsings)
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Book of the Day

Book of the Day (

The Fetal Matrix  by Peter Gluckman, Mark Hanson

Vivette Glover says (–-and-life-after-it) : It’s a more recent book which discusses the possible evolutionary reasons for why the fetus in the womb maybe especially sensitive to its environment.
FiveBooks Archive (

Video of the Day

Amazing Anamorphic Illusions


Nothing to add to the title, except to endorse it. Eye-boggling More videos (

Quote of the Day

Katie Roiphe, on divorce (

"This is one of the very few times in adult life when you get a chance to reinvent yourself”

More quotes (

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