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Best of the Moment

Heiress: The Rise Of Elisabeth Murdoch

Ken Auletta | New Yorker | 3 December 2012

"She combines the best of her brothers in one package. The brains of James and the heart of Lachlan.” Successful TV producer. Built her own company. Rich. Glamorous husband. But the wrong sex to run News Corp, apparently Comments (

Save Your Kisses For Me

Adam Curtis | BBC | 30 November 2012

Gripping, provocative slice of political history, illustrated with archive video. This one is subtitled, How the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and the Israeli right became co-dependents in an abusive relationship Comments (

A New Theory Of PTSD And Veterans: Moral Injury

Tony Doukoupil | Newsweek | 3 December 2012

"What might be intuitively true—that soldiers live to regret, in agonizing duration and detail, what war forces them to do—has until now not been part of official knowledge." But new ideas about causes of PTSD are gaining ground Comments (

Bach's Music, Back Then And Right Now

Jeremy Denk | New Republic | 15 November 2012

"His logic is unassailable but not tedious. His proofs soar. Bach is a mirror to everything we would like to be. He is almost too good to be true, to be believed. But we believe in Bach on the evidence of the notes themselves" Comments (

The Future Of Shopping

Megan McArdle | Newsweek | 3 December 2012

How can bricks-and-mortar stores cope with the rise of "showrooming" – the people who visit merely to compare prices, sometimes with barcode-analysing apps, before shopping online? Will improving customer service be enough? Comments (

How Tony Kushner Made Lincoln Talk

Ben Zimmer | Boston Globe | 2 December 2012

How do you write authentic 19C dialogue that sounds natural to the modern ear? Answer: You spend a lot of time with dictionaries, then you relax a bit. Kushner's Lincoln isn't historically accurate, but he is dramatically convincing Comments (

FiveBooks Interview


Jo Tatchell on Desert Nations

The author explains the allure of desert nations, through a discussion of books including Arabian Sands by Wilfred Thesiger and Sultan In Oman by Jan Morris Read on (


Mind And Brain

Everything you wanted - or didn't want - to know about your mind. From how many friends your brain can cope with, to experts discussing consciousness and mental illness Read on (

Reader Recommendations

@joespring ( On the high school teacher who landed a top 10 finish in the North Face 50 Mile Championship #browsings ( More like this (

Book of the Day

Book of the Day (

Legacy of Ashes  by Tim Weiner

Stephen Glain says ( : “This book reads like the Keystone Kops. It’s amazing how often the CIA just blundered, despite having some very intelligent people” FiveBooks Archive (

Video of the Day

The $7 Cup Of Coffee


Jimmy Kimmel road-tests Starbucks's new top-of-the-market brand More videos (

Quote of the Day

Jeremy Denk, on Bach (,1)

"All other composers seem to be writing novels, but Bach writes non-fiction"

More quotes (

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