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Hic sunt camelopardus: this historical edition of The Browser is presented for archaeological purposes; links and formatting may be broken.

Seven Habits Of Highly Effective Mediocre People

James Altucher | Rumpus | 13 February 2013

"I’ve started a bunch of companies. Sold some. Failed at most. Invested in a bunch of startups. Sold some. Failed at some. Written some books, most of which I no longer like. Everything has been distinguished by its mediocrity. Any success I’ve had can be put just as much in the luck basket as the effort basket. All people should be so lucky"

Thom Yorke: What I've Learned

Cal Fussman | Esquire | 13 February 2013

Interview. "I don't feel disappointment anymore. But I do feel the pressure of time marching on. I was sitting with my son the other day and his friend, who's eleven, and I said, 'Okay guys, do the math. Work out how many seconds you've got left.' Took 'em a while, but they got there. Kids teach you to lighten up, which for me was very handy"

The Last Time A Pope Resigned

Rebecca Rosen | Atlantic | 13 February 2013

News of this Pope's resignation swept the world via TV, Twitter. What about last time a pope quit, in 1415? Mendicant friars did the internet's work, carrying information around Europe along with sermons. Ordinary folk got the gist relayed to them at Mass: "The clergy were the 15th century's TV screens, the displays that conveyed the news."

Napoleon Chagnon, Our Most Controversial Anthropologist

Emily Eakin | New York Times | 13 February 2013

He was a real-life Indiana Jones, studying the Yanomamö tribe deep in Venezuelan jungle. "They live in a state of chronic warfare", he said. His 1968 monograph sold a million, standard text for 20 years. Then the academy turned against him, accused him of exploiting, abusing, misrepresenting the tribe. Did he lie—or tell too much truth?

Photoshop Is A City For Everyone

Paul Miller | Verge | 13 February 2013

Adobe's Photoshop image-editing software is so central to most graphic designers' lives that it isn't just a tool that they use; it's a city where they live and work. It's also city that's grown prodigiously in size and complexity over the past twenty years, such that users love it and hate it at the same time. It's a mess, but it's their mess

Video of the day: 21st Century Elevator Pitches

Thought for the day:

"There is a subtext of male violence that runs through all politics, and only a fool would ignore it" — Jonathan Freedland

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